The Genome Project

genome 1 The Human Genome Project is bound to be one of the most significant endeavors mankind has ever embarked on, scientifically speaking. It has potential and promise for such development, and only time will tell what these wacky researchers will get to. At the bottom of the gene pool there are many mysteries to be unlocked, and many more which are hitherto undiscovered.

Being a biology or biochem researcher has so many drawbacks. Many times, the contributions a lone individual or laboratory make are swallowed up by the grander scheme of things. Many times, it is years before those contributions amount to anything of substance. Nevertheless, these people go into work every day, and bust their chops trying to understand our past and present, and venture tentatively as to the possibilities of the future. It is a thankless job most of the time, and you are toiling in virtual anonymity for most – if not all – of your career.

Some scientists are like artists. They get inspired by the world around them, rather than by charts and figures. They have ideas for experiments which border on the insane, and they go by the “why not?” rule. As if they mean to say: just because nobody has done it beforehand, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. And it’s true. Some of the world’s leading contemporary scigenomeentists have made the impossible quite possible, by being persistent and by pushing the boundaries of human understanding. As always, they are standing on the shoulders of giants, but as long as we acknowledge that and don’t let the vanity go to our heads, there is seemingly no limit to what human beings can do. This is what I love about the art and science alike. It aims to break the mold, to say: to hell with that, let’s set the rules on fire and swim against the stream. Be the salmon of your world! Enough people out there are following the rules, so how about we don’t?

We’re all unconsciously looking for a unified theory. The late Dr. Stephen Hawking said “it is then that we will know the mind of God”. But I happen to think it is then that we will know the mind of mankind. Whether it is a reflection of God or not, humans are an amazing creation/evolution of matter. And even though Hawking wasn’t a believer in a higher power, I can still understand what he is talking about. He may not have believed in the “religious” God, but he believed in Nature. Essentially, they are one and the same.

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