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There is a lot to like about being a blonde, and especially a blonde who uses shimmer lights shampoo. I know that the “love yourself” mantra is trumpeted near and far in the year 2016, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still exclusive and special beauty connotations associated with blonde hair. As a blonde, I can honestly say that I have been thanking my lucky stars that I was born a blonde – I simply cannot imagine life any other way! With that being said, there are certainly unfortunate potential downsides to being a blonde! One of these, aside from then played out and clichéd, lame, blonde jokes, is the ever present threat of suffering from brassy tones! Yes, brassy tones, the worst enemy of any blonde person. What brassy tones do is make blonde hair have more of a deep yellow, orange, or even reddish look in some horrendously drastic and dire instances. Aside from diminishing the natural and inherent blonde beauty that we blondes have been blessed with, brassy tones give off an unkempt, unclean, sloppy sort of a look that is the exact opposite of what we proud blondes are striving to achieve in our hair!

Luckily for us blondes who suffer from the most unfortunate problem (curse, really) of brassy tones and brassiness in our hair, there are failsafe’s and precautions to take to fight this, as well as cures for it once it has already set in! Chiefly among these is without a doubt purple shampoo, and shimmer lights shampoo in particular. Purple shampoo works wonder for brassy blonde hair, reversing and undoing the damage done by the bras and restoring blonde hair to its proper, former glories. Purple shampoo does this most primarily by counteracting the coloring of brass tones, which is best understood when considering color theory. Think about this logically from a color perspective: brassy tones are on the exact opposite of the color spectrum as the color purple, and this is no great revelation if you think about it for a moment. Therefore, the color and richness of purple embedded in purple shampoo can wondrously overwhelm the brassy tones seen in unfortunately brassy hair, counter acting the brass and nullifying their effects, restoring blonde hair to its natural, proper state.

There are so many different kinds of purple shampoo out there, the best kind easily being shimmer lights which is reviewed by Maple Holistics. Including ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, shimmer lights purple shampoo gets the job done tremendously well. It is one of the most efficient purple shampoos I’ve tested and sampled, as the intensity and effectiveness of the formula will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck – you won’t have to squeeze out half of the bottle in one use in order to see results. Look my fellow blondes, there is no need to suffer in agony any longer – there is something we can do about brassy hair and we can do it now! Start using purple shampoo!

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