Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Natural and organic cosmetics. It sounds really great, yeah. Could it be true? You mean, I don’t have to use all kinds of chemicals, cleansers, detergents, preservatives, and other godawful ingredients? You mean a product with no synthetic elements? Nothing that will cause some severe allergic reaction or make my sensitive skin break out? Show the way!Natural and organic cosmetics

We all need to take care of ourselves. Hair care, skin care, body care, make up. This is not about vanity. Not one bit. Looking good has its place, yes, and natural products will definitely have you looking your best, but – first and foremost – this is about maintaining the best and finest tool we have at our disposal – our body. Plain and simple.

Ever since the industrial revolution, or maybe before that, mass-produced cosmetics products may have started off as natural, but quickly lost that title, when so many harmful ingredients were added to the mix. Natural cosmetics are the answer. These are products which are without synthetic elements, and which contain no toxic chemicals. No artificial fragrances, no artificial colors or flavors. A company I like producing said products is Maple Holistics.

Natural products have a great advantage over the unnatural ones, since they do not have to hide behind disinformation and FDA-approved hijinks. Did you know that cosmetics companies need only write “fragrance” on their labels, without disclosing the origins? This is because scents are considered to be a ‘trade secret’, and are therefore protected. You see what I mean? This gets to me, in a way.

When you buy natural products, there is a good chance that they were not tested on animals. I don’t buy beauty products which are tested on animals. I get it when it comes to medical science and such, but cosmetics? That is the dictionary definition of unnecessary cruelty, and I try to live and love in a cruelty-free way.cruelty-free way

If you decide to switch to natural cosmetics, not only will you be doing our furry friends a favor, but you will also be doing yourself one. Do the research. Don’t just take my word for it. Naturalistic approaches, be they to beauty or hygiene, have proven themselves time and again. I feel a lot more comfortable using an herbal shampoo and conditioner than the cheap, chemical-laden, supermarket store bought junk. It may be cheaper in price, yes, but it is also considerably cheaper in quality.

Now, look. I am not talking about buying some luxury brands, or spending hundreds of dollars on the most expensive brands. I mean, it is cool if you can afford that, but in general natural cosmetics don’t cost that much more. For me, the thing which is best about using natural cosmetics, is that I understand that it is not a one-size-fits-all thing. What works for one person may not work for the other. I like trying new products, seeing what oils  ( like eucalyptus oil)or extracts I agree with, and I also take advantage of the option of producing homemade hair and body care products. It is an awesome experience.

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