Eucalyptus oil: a miracle worker

Eucalyptus oil: a miracle worker. There is no doubt about that. It was brought over by those who were in and around Australia. Much like its brother, the essential oil of the tea tree, it was discovered much later than the local population, but nevertheless embraced by western society in a big way.

oil of eucalyptusEssential oils are known for their health and beauty benefits, and the oil of eucalyptus embodies pretty much everything that we all love and cherish about oils. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, it can help with spasms, with a congested chest or facial passageway, it acts as a deodorant, as an antiseptic, as an antibacterial, and even as an invigorating and stimulating element. Because of this, it is such a household item, and such a favorite with massage therapists and aroma therapists.

Eucalyptus can help you with anything from a run-of-the-mill tooth ache, to fever reduction, to repelling insects and preventing lice. This thing does it all, and it does it while smelling really great. It kills you with kindness, this oil. For this reason, eucalyptus is used in soaps, shampoos, conditions, facials creams and masks, air fresheners, and many other products and hygienic solutions.

Using just a bit of eucalyptus oil can help you stave off infections, ailments, germs, bacteria, the whole nine yards. Australia is still known as the exporter of the best eucalyptus oil around, but there are other countries which can also make a great concoction of oil from the tree’s leaves.

The Miracle Tree

This miracle tree is classified as Eucalyptus Globulus, and ever since its Australian origin was discovered by the western world, the tree has been successfully migrating to areas all over the world: Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and other locations. Health and beauty benefits galore, straight from Australia.

Use eucalyptus for any cuts or wounds. Use it if you have a cold, cough, headache, sinusitis, bronchitis, and other airway-related maladies. You may use it as an insect repellent, a mouthwash, a cleaning solution, and even as a mild sedative. Inhaling the scent of the oil can help take care of mental slowness, drowsiness, and lethargy. It helps the body, and the mind. It has a way of waking you up, and clearing your head. It helps your mind stay focused, and it really does work.

your joints or muscles acheMassaging this oil into one’s skin can do wonders. If you have a burn or rash of some sort, or if your joints or muscles ache – do yourself a favor, and get someone – your choice of whoever – to rub eucalyptus oil on the injured or affected regions or organs. You’ll be able to feel a difference. It is nearly 100% guaranteed that you will be returning to that little vial before long.

Eucalyptus oil is here to stay. It has such a distinctive scent, it gets me every time. I need to stop and appreciate it almost every time I smell it, and it makes no difference if I smelled it 20 minutes ago. It has this effect on me, and evidently on many others, as well.

There ain’t no shame in taking care of your body!

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