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So it was a hot summer night, my phone rings and it’s him! Ahh! Not him! I suddenly turn into a
swooning teen whenever he calls! He basically asked me what I was up too. Now, I told him I
was washing my hair that night – no doubt with my beloved Tea Tree Shampoo by Maple Holistcs! But actually I
had been eagerly sitting by the phone waiting for him to call – yep not the tale of an avid
feminist – but he is just worth waiting for what can I say!

hawaii 1I remember when I first gazed into his eyes. I tried not to plan my whole entire future including
two kids, a white picket fence and us honeymooning in Hawaii! What can I say, it was love at
first sight – at least it was for me! So we have been dating for a few weeks now. I am not quite
ready to let my guard down, so I am still playing hard to get – now whether that’s working I am
not quite sure! I am pretty sure no matter how hard I try to cover up my rosy cheeks and my 1950’s I am ready to have your babies and live in the kitchen-like aura – I don’t think I am
actually being that convincing in my cool washing my hair bravado! Now, with that being said
and neither-the- less he still finds me cute, attractive and well is still on the other end of my
phone asking me out to the movies on a hot summer’s day! Yeay!
I am sure at some point, after we reach the three months mark or so, the bravado will drop on
both sides and I will start to see him a bit more like just a regular human but for now he is my
Noah in my own very personal Notebook and my Harry to my inner Sally (although they annoyed
each-other at first and I can’t quite say that about my beau!). In actual fact he’s more like a
distjames deanant James Dean at times and I am some giddy teenager with a poster on my ceiling dreaming
a dream that I wish one day will come. It’s kind of a combination of all of these scenarios – yet
its real and sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself that this isn’t a dream or movie
or poster on my wall and that love at first sight is a real thing and a real thing that happened to
me! I fell in love and even though it’s only been a few weeks, I know our sweet romance is not
based on just looks and infatuation. Nope! It’s real and deeper than that and this man feels like
my real deal. Even though I still at the washing my hair stage (with my well-loved Tea Tree
Shampoo of course)… I know in my heart of hearts that he could potentially be my one –
whether that’s my one for now or for however long we have on this earth – what I do know is
that we have a very strong, potential and bright future ahead. So here’s to love – and my Tea
Tree Shampoo! Now do I go out with him this evening? Or continue to wash my hair! After all,
looking after my luscious locks may very well pay off one day!

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