Why Women Started Removing Hair

Hair is both something so natural to us, that every day we spend literally millions of $$$ on it both to treat and glamorize it as well as getting it removed. But when did they start doing this, when did it become the norm for pinup girlswomen to start removing hair? Women remove hair from several parts of their bodies. Hair removal has been a slow process over the years.

Some people are utterly revolted by human hair in certain places. Armpits, legs, crotches, ears, noses, eyebrows, hairlines, genital lines – you name it. Hairless is best. It’s really an aesthetic preference over gender (in my opinion), because people of any gender (or race) may prefer one or the other.

Some say it may be political i.e. feminist, pro-sex, nature-friendly, ‘homeo-sexuals’  – perhaps even a fetishistic trait of an identity-driven technocratic debt-based ‘class struggle in slow-motion’; but who knows?

The real question is dealing with hair, hairiness, hairless-ness, hormonal changes and the flux that is the modern understanding of gender, as a spectrum, in a way that is both assertive, yet accommodating enough to encourage a multiplicity of cultural perspectives and identities that act towards the greater good of all living beings.

Shave if you’re down, don’t if you don’t wanna and if someone asks – it might be worth while, to talk about it (depending on your relationship with that person etc.).

No one shaved back in the 1800s because women wore dresses that covered their legs and armpits. In the late 1800s a new style of dress came out and women’s armpits were then exposed. So, some women started to shave their armpits and it slowly started to catch on and become the norm. Women started to shave their legs in the 1940s. The World War II pinup girl brought with it the shaved legs. This has to do with the pinup girl photos and women wanting to emulate them. Also, the issues that there was a limited amount of resources at the time and women could not wear stockings. So instead of wearing stocking they would shave their legs. This quickly became the norm when armpit hairrazor companies started to market specific razors to women to shave their legs. At this point women are shaving both their legs and their armpits. When do women start shaving their private parts?

Now you have to look at modern time and the introduction of easily accessible pornography. Many of the first women to do poronogrpahy were prostitutes. Prostitutes have been shaving their private parts for a long time, this is to avoid the issue of catching certain sexually transmitted diseases. Specifically crabs or public lice can be avoided by shaving the hair around your genitals. So many prostitutes would shave their genitals. With many people now being exposed to people who shave their genitals it soon became desired by a lot of men. Slowly it became the norm for women to groom their private regions as well. Now it is pretty much the norm to have at least neatly trim your private regions men and women.

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