To Carry or Not To Carry

I started carrying a gun when I turned 21, and have never looked back. I am in no way advocating violence, but I always knew I was going to be an advocate of the second amendment.Bill of Rights

Whether you believe in the validity of the Bill of Rights or not, there was a reason those amendments were added to the United States Constitution. It is one of the pillars of the American way of life, and it has its place.

Should everyone be toting guns? Probably not. Should everyone have the option? Probably. It is important that certain freedoms remain in the hands of the people. Once you take them out of the people’s hands, the republic as we know it begins to crumble and fall.

No one knows what the future will bring. The reason I carry a gun (Glock 19, by the way) is because it helps me stay aware of my surroundings. Self-reliance is an important thing, and no one should be made to feel defenseless or unable to stop that which can be stopped.

It is a deadly power, and I totally understand those who – after some sort of school shooting spree or what not – come out in favor of rigid gun laws and control of firearms. I get it. But I believe this is not about gun laws, but rather about education, before anything.

Stating that guns kill people is like blaming a pen for misspelling a word. Well, unless it is one of those ‘Quick Quote quills’ from Harry Potter, I am going to call you out on it. It is not about gun control, it is about educating our children and ourselves.

defense at any means possibleEvery person should be given the chance to defend themselves and their loved ones. If antagonistic forces are out there carrying firearms, then John Q. Citizen should have the way to level the playing field (so to speak), and be able to use that same power. The government cannot and should not take that choice away from us. You can restrict it, you can limit it, you can make it difficult to obtain, but eventually freedom will prevail. It was true in Harry Potter, and it is true in this case. is all about being proud of what you believe in. Join us and stay updated by visiting us here!

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