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guns 23 If you are not a gun person, just keep on browsing, Bucko. This is a bullet-ridden piece of text.

I love going to the range. I first got the idea not out of self-defense. I got it from watching American Beauty. There is a scene there, in which one of the characters says that when he gets all worked up and angry and mad and tense and stressed, etc., they go out to the range and fire a gun. He says there is nothing else in this world that makes you feel so powerful. Well, almost nothing.

And it is true. A lot of people feel that way about weapons. Guys more than gals, I would assume. Simply because we have the whole penis thing. And a rifle is one of the more phallic weapons of the modern era, don’t you thiguns 18nk? Maybe I am way off, but it all looks sometimes like a pissing contest to me. Which is why I get those who say guns are too violent, etc, But it is one of the most emotionally healthy things a person can do – vent one’s frustrations, anger, anxieties, etc. And doing so with a weapon is one of the best ways of doing that, and you can do it in style, too. Depending on the state in question, there are so many things you can do. Just look at Hickok45 on YouTube. The man’s got a friggin compound, and it is awesome. Now, there is a man who knows his schtick. Right then, if you take the violent nature of out of the equation, there is certainly an element of fun there, just like Mary Poppins say. A spoonful of gunpowder helps the medicine go down, you know? If we are talking about things which are contradictory, there are many other examples.

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