Getting A Glock For My B-day

I said in a earlier article found here that ever since i was 21 i have carried a gun. This is a review of the first gun I’ve ever owned. Right after my 21st birthday, I went out and got myself the present that no one had thought of getting me – a Glock 19 handgun.

Gotta get the glockFor a very long time, way before I was of legal carrying age, I have wanted to carry a gun. And this isn’t some egocentric macho thing, mind you. I truly love the engineering behind the modern semi-automatic handguns. Once you get into it bit, it is pretty powerful stuff.

The way handguns evolved over the years is amazing, and the Glock 19 is no exception. The original Glock handgun was commissioned by the Austrian armed forces, and the Glock Company – who, up until then, was a run-of-the-mill steel and plastic company which made equipment (but not weapons) for the Austrian military – obliged. It created a weapon. One of the best weapons to ever be created. That was the Glock 17, which is the full size version of the Glock 19, the 19 being a compact version, which came out some time later.

Anyway, this gun is awesome. I went out, got it, and never looked back. There is a lot of talk and debate regarding the Glock. There are so many models, etc. So many accessories, so many aftermarket products. The only thing I got with it was a box of ammo and a Glock Sport Combat holster. I figured before I go running to another company, I should give the Glock holster a try. There were those who told me I would have to go through many holsters before I find “the one”, but this one seems to be very comfortable, and it doesn’t feel like I am carrying an anchor in my pants.

The Glock 19 9mm handgun is made of a kind of advanced plastic. I found out that Glockwhen it first came out, people laughed at it and at its inventor, Mr. Glock himself. Guess he showed them. That thing is still one of the best-selling guns all over the world. Even people who know absolutely nothing about guns, know that there is in existence such a handgun as the Glock. It is a household name.

You don’t get to household name status, without making a few enemies. So, the debate continues, but I am staying out of it. Until further notice, I am loving this gun. I would suggest you check the many reviews and articles on the Glock company at for more great info on the guns and company. 

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