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There are a lot of weird videos on youtube. The videos are not inappropriate but really strange. People tend to not know what to do in front of a camera so they will do weird stuff. Sometimes they may be trying to do something bronyfunny, but a lot of times the people are probably really weird in general. Cringe videos are just videos of people intentionally putting people into uncomfortable situations. Fail videos are also pretty entertaining. Sometimes both fail and cringe videos are combined or are essentially the same thing. Brony is a very interesting group of people, its bros who love my little pony. My Little Pony is a cartoon about magical ponies who fly around having adventures I think, to be honest I’ve never seen the show. I haven’t seen the show because I am a grown man and I don’t watch childrens’ shows. Most bronys seem like they have some disorders, or are just very immature. There were a lot of guys who probably have autism since they could not answer simple questions or communicate well. There are a lot of groups that are obsessed with weird anime shows. People shouldn’t hate on all anime shows across the board. There are some shows that are pretty good. For example one hit man has a lot of deeper social issues. One punch man is an adult anime show, I do not understand why adults watch and/or get obsessed with children’s anime show. It is uncomfortable to watch full grown men to be very excited about flying animated horses. The weirdest thing is to watch men who are in a relationship with an anime pillow.

Dudes will buy body pillows that has an anime girl printed on it. Dudes will take these pillows out on dates. I am sure there is a strange sexual aspect to the relationship as well. I am sure there is a disconnect between these people’s animemind and their ability to communicate with other people. They obviously cannot have a normal relationship with other human beings. The fantasy brought by anime characters makes sense since all the female anime characters have extreme features. Most things in anime are fairly extreme with either the fight scenes or the features of the characters. This is part of the interest of anime, the problem is when people prefer anime over real life.

When people start preferring fake stuff over reality, there is a big problem with their mentality. This will be more of a problem with society when VR becomes better. When VR can replace reality then our society is completely done. The wild anime characters will certainly only get crazier when VR gets more advanced. Soon people will spend more time in VR than in reality. They will have more control over their lives in VR, since we have almost no control over our lives in reality.

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